At vectorise, we have a track record supporting businesses that want to grow through marketing and need some support in ensuring they are focusing their effort in the right way. The work we do includes:

Working with start-ups wanting a focused and workable plan to enter the market, and high growth businesses who want to scale up and have reached a glass ceiling they need to break through.

Business planning – a marketing strategy needs to flow from this to have a strategic role.

Market research – involves looking at who, what and how. Options include primary or secondary, and we have hands-on experience in managing focus groups and designing questionnaires.

Marketing message – storytelling. Sets the organisation apart and connects the internal messages and external positioning.

Segmentation – build meaningful profiles and decide which order to prioritise them in.

Targeting – using a differentiated approach or a broader approach, depending on the organisation’s capacity and business model. E.g. highly customised profitable accounts, or more of a volume business across different sectors.

Positioning – with SMEs and startups, it is often helpful to have what is called a bowling alley approach, which involves addressing one niche segment successfully and then moving onto the next.

Pricing models – innovation includes a shift from ownership to licensing. There are a range of approaches which must be congruent with the segment’s perception of value.

Routes to market – with key target customers in mind we now need a plan on how to reach them most cost-effectively and with the right message.


If any of the above resonates, please do get in touch.


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