Business Daily defines visual marketing as “the images associated with your company, from your colours and fonts to your logo and photos, make up your visual branding. These visual elements are a key part of any marketing campaign.”


vectorise is working with SMEs in Worcestershire to support them on their visual marketing. Hannah has worked with a variety of businesses to help them identify the customer experience and how their visual marketing supports this. For example, with a Rugby-based accountant, this involved specifying bespoke artwork for the office and working with their photographer to create a brief for images to be taken and used in their promotional material. Hannah also looked at constructing visual advertising campaigns which would attract local business owners (their client base) and the imagery and wording used to maximise initial impact.


Hannah’s SME career began when she headed up a web development company for six years, where she worked with online innovators to put their business ideas into practice. Their choice of photography played a significant role in building the success of the business with online product sales.


Other companies Hannah has worked with include fashion brands, including a couple of different t-shirt brands and a more challenging business -a vintage clothing brand, where the founder wanted to create a differentiated brand position in a saturated market. He wanted themes throughout the photography, which were demonstrated through quirky elements in his product photography and contributed to an overarching brand story. We worked together to identify campaigns and how these would be visually constructed.


Up until last year, Hannah was Module Leader for Coventry University’s Global Branding and Advertising Psychology modules at Masters Level for four years. Advertising psychology underpins the combination of imagery and messaging to generate the right response. Branding focuses on both the visual elements of the organisation’s identity and ensuring these are congruent with the clients and what they deliver.


With the English language adage, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ if you feel your organisation’s visual identity isn’t playing the role it should, please get in touch.

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