The Two-Step Communication Model is Being Used More and More

Younger audiences, like Generation Y, are frequently targeted by social influencers. Social influencers review or promote brands through their videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. This trend is now a commonplace marketing tactic for brands’ younger audiences use, such as cosmetics brands. Younger audience may be more easily influenced by celebrities that they feel they can relate to than an older client base. Therefore, I was surprised to see tactic employed by the Hillary’s blind company.


Reason I noticed was because we are in the market for buying new blinds around our home. Thus, I identified with the product set and it piqued my interest. The two-step communication model has now infiltrated the home renovation sector, and older audiences’ newsfeeds too.


What is the two-step communication model?

The two-step communication model says that ideas go from mass media to opinion leaders; and from opinion leaders to the wider population. The Hillary marketing campaign consisted of a couple of different strands. Firstly, online television commercials. Their campaigns featured interior design bloggers. These bloggers were TV presenter, Anna Richardson, and TV presenter and Interior and Architectural Designer, Oliver Heath. Clearly, the power of human endorsement, their likeability and their expert connection to the product really matter – and not just with a younger client base.


The benefit of the two-step communication model is the extended reach. Their personal brand lends additional credibility to Hillary’s blind company as a brand. This can help shift perceptions of the brand and which target customer groups they can align with.


Following from the online television commercials, I then received a sales promotion through the door. The printed sales materials may have been targeted by post code, but wasn’t targeted by name.


Interestingly because of the amount they were spending on advertising, we decided not to go with them. We felt we would be paying a price premium to recover their advertising costs.


On reflection, the two-step process is commonplace with brands targeting older segments of clients too. M&S’s celebrity ranges, for example, with Holly Willoughby. So, it is not just the young audiences who are being influenced by people they relate to. The two-step communication model seems to be the mainstream marketing communication approach now.

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