It’s your business, and you know your clients, your market, your competitors and your resource capabilities. Strategic marketing consultancy supports business owners with an excellent understanding of their current position, values and aspirations to identify opportunities and routes to market, which they may not have considered. An external perspective can also help challenge assumptions and perceptions which may unwittingly be roadblocks to the organisation’s growth.

Often small businesses have an excellent relationship with their clients and serving them has been at the focus of their activities and have, as such, not focused on building an identity or profile for the business.

Developing a consistent brand experience involves a series of conscious decisions and an investment in time and money to ensure all business decisions are on-brand. The benefits are more than consistency and reassurance for clients. You will also attract team members who are aligned with your firm and reduce the perception of risk associated in dealing with your organisation, whether you are working with clients or other organisations.

The process of working on your marketing can start with a market analysis to identify your ideal customers to grow the business and look at how to design a marketing mix to support this growth.

Sometimes we need to sense-check ideas with our target customers or refine the marketing messages and perceived benefits of the service on offer. One of the dangers with marketing is making assumptions, so identifying a valid verification process is helpful.

Together we can look at developing routes to market:

  • How will you make money from what you do?
  • Who do you approach, and with what offer?
  • What are the pros and cons of different routes?
  • What do you need in place to develop them?


Another opportunity when considering marketing is customer journey mapping – visually mapping the customer journey to see where the business can offer more, where service may be lacking and how to potentially gather new product ideas and referrals.


Once the overall marketing direction is determined we can then create a marketing action plan – looking at the messages, media (including social media), and campaign plan to meet business objectives; being smart about marketing activity to leverage the best results.


At vectorise, we work with high growth SMEs to come up with a practical strategy to help business owners and directors propel their business forward. Our approach is both motivational and realistic, and we understand the challenges a business can face, particularly in terms of time and money required to make change happen.


Often our clients have referred to themselves as control freaks. However, they have a clear idea of their business values, which is the fundamental criteria for building a scalable business. We don’t see this as being controlling in a negative way; instead, we respect the effort it takes to build a business and want to work with them to expand.

If you are interested in some strategic support in your marketing activities, please get in touch.

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