At vectorise, we are currently delivering a specialist support tender for Worcestershire council to help high growth businesses.

As part of this, we are working with business owners on using public speaking as a marketing tool. This support can involve focusing on a specific pitch that is coming up. Depending on the work they have already done, we may review what has been prepared or have a blank sheet and look at redeveloping it to maximise the impact and results.

Having the confidence to deliver well crafted and engaging content makes a significant impact in terms of marketing.

Hannah Price, the founder of vectorise, has always used public speaking and her personal brand as an effective way to generate new business. In 2016 she was approached to deliver eight short talks as part of a roadshow as a professional speaker and was paid handsomely for the process. It was at this point she realised she needed to up her game and she spent an immense amount of time crafting the message, designing the materials and practising the delivery including the tone, pace and dance (movement).

The roadshow feedback was excellent, and the same company asked her to deliver a session to their investment managers (technical specialists) on effective presentations. For this group, Hannah developed a workshop called “The anatomy of an effective presentation” which dissected the key elements of constructing and delivering pitches and presentations into body parts. The engaging content was fun to deliver and again it was well received.

When coaching people to help them with their pitching, Hannah draws on her strength and expertise on personal branding as well as delivering effective presentations.

Hannah has delivered an ‘effective sales presentation’ course to investment managers, who are a tough crowd, and the feedback was phenomenal. She ran the session on effective presentations at the Wolverhampton Careers Festival 2019 for the University in February.

This course has since been adapted and delivered to line managers who were presenting a project idea to sell it their senior management team.

Hannah also worked with an engineer at Aston Martin to present a project he was working on to the board of directors.

If you want to up your game in terms of public speaking and want support in the process, please get in touch.

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