Repetition leading to Behaviours

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One strategy which is always apparent, currently more so than ever, is the effective use of strap lines and repetition. The power of repetition is a persuasive technique to embed messages and ensure we easily retrieve and behave according to them. Recently we’ve had:

  • Theresa May’s “Strong and Stable”
  • Boris Johnson’s “Oven Ready Brexit”

And now we have:



The visual encoding of STAY HOME > PROTECT THE NHS > SAVE LIVES, all capitals in a yellow warning sign with red and black font, supports the seriousness of the situation. The presence of the NHS and HM Government logos gives additional credibility to the message, further enforcing the gravitas.

The slogan is straightforward and, very importantly, easy to repeat. It appears on every government briefing, television and other advertising, as memes, and we abbreviate and repeat it when signing off emails or even in conversation, reinforcing the message and actions connected with it.

The message, STAY HOME > PROTECT THE NHS > SAVE LIVES, has been so effective that is has gathered a life of its own in everyday conversation, leading to the associated behaviours.

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