Are you getting ready to ramp up your marketing in 2021? During the pandemic this year, our clients have been operating a light touch communication strategy with a more tailored approach to individual conversations. It seems this is what was needed as it worked well.

Now that 2021 is around the corner, we are seeing an uplift in well-crafted client communications ready for launch early in the year. So, what’s changed during COVID, and how can you re-connect with your clients?

Email Fatigue

The Drum reported that there was a surge in email marketing over lockdown. Using an overused medium can make it difficult to stand out. And readers are left with email fatigue after receiving so many emails.

People appreciate real conversations and ‘post they can stroke’. Think about the media which has been overused and try something different to create a feeling of connection.

Reading the Mood

A very savvy business colleague told me of her lockdown social media strategy where she has adapted to the mood of the moment. During the lockdowns, she never issued the posts she initially intended.

Adaptability is the key here. Read the mood of your customers – does it call for something different to what you had initially planned?

Real Connections

Personal relationships count. Talking about the new skills your team discovered in lockdown is a great way to resonate with your clients.

Importance of Values

What do you genuinely stand for as an organisation, and how does that come across?  Who came up with it? Ideally, when answering these questions, get the whole team involved. Consider how your values are embedded, reinforced, communicated and reviewed.

Adweek suggests that in 2021 organisations should focus on what’s real – not on a synthetic airbrushed view of the world.  You can find more ideas for approaching marketing in 2021 in their article 8 Trends Marketers Are Most Excited About Heading Into 2021.


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