There are many approaches to marketing, making it easy to focus on the wrong things and not get results, leaving business owners feeling frustrated and that they wasted time and money.

At vectorise, we are experienced in developing targeted marketing strategies and costed plans to support strategic and business expansion planning. We’ll create a tailored plan that’s specific to your business, and your business need.

We will work with you to help you manage your marketing activities, so that you feel in control rather than sold to and out out of your depth. Our goal is to empower the managers within your organisation to feel confident in their plans, what they do (and don’t) need from suppliers, and what questions to ask.

Here are some examples of where we add value:

For strategic marketing, the focus may be on sales by looking at different routes to market. We would then examine your propositions and marketing mix for either a couple of specific groups or one client group, to help you generate sales and start to become “top of mind” in the service/ product category for your target audience.

We would do this by firstly thinking about how we want the audience to feel and what we want them to do next. We would then develop the content with that in mind, including translating any technical information into ideas that resonate. Next, we would look at delivery techniques in terms of the tone and pace to engage your audience.

For visual branding, we may look at creating a brand brief for your graphic design agency and discuss how to manage the process and work with the designers. We will also look at ensuring your brand serves the audiences you want to work with and will work with the channels you intend using.

By thinking through rationally the audiences and usage, this should minimise bias in terms of making decisions based on personal preference.

For event marketing and support, this may involve sense checking an event plan end to end and identifying potential pitfalls and putting into place checkpoints and contingencies. This thorough overview would ensure nothing has been missed, and the maximum benefits from the event will be received.

Depending on the audience, we have found the time of day makes a huge impact on attendance and thinking beyond the event to the communication which takes place can also maximise results.

Our time spent together concludes by bringing together the consolidated actions into a workable plan, including roles, responsibilities and deadlines. We will cover what you need to buy in and what can be delivered in-house, and how to make the most of your resources so that you remain in control.

If you want to feel in control of your marketing, please make contact to book a session.


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