Logistics support

We have practical experience in managing the events process from end to end for different types of event – both in sector and numbers.

We have a keen eye for the details you need to consider, such as the optimum room size for a specific number of attendees, and what to look out for in the cancellation process.


For each event, we create detailed plans and checklists with timescales and responsibilities. We know how to go about this process and where to include risk assessments and contingency plans.

Plans include the event preparation with different timelines, on-the-day actions and responsibilities and post-event follow-ups to maximise the event success.

Driving delegates

We have been effective in creating a multi-pronged approach to bringing attendees to a range of events.  Examples of business support clients running events we have supported include dance classes, 11+ training events, drama courses, pottery workshops and fascinator making!

One crucial aspect to event marketing is having a well-defined targeted client profile to help guide the approach and choice of routes to market. Even working with the venue, basic though it sounds, can be very effective. However it involves identifying how and where these messages can be conveyed and supplying them in a way which makes them easy to execute.


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