Forbes reported on the value of events in the marketing armoury:

“People like familiarity in business, and the more quality touchpoints you offer prospects, the more likely you’ll be to convert them into clients. Events help your organization establish unique and personalized connection points that are impossible to recreate digitally.”

At vectorise, we see firsthand the value events bring organisations when properly planned and thought through.

Every step in planning an event needs to be a conscious one, from selecting the venue and ensuring good working relationships to having a greeting plan in place and doing regular walk-throughs so you know attendees will know where to go. Details such as the time of day will encourage or dissuade certain groups of attendees.

Plan the communication process along the way to discourage dropouts and ensure you achieve the results you want for your event. For example, one of our least successful events in terms of delegate attendance was for our pensions seminar in April 2016, when we had unexpected snowstorms. However, as we had built a rapport with the delegates, a third of them walked through the blizzard to attend, while 100% of those who couldn’t make it rebooked for the next event – and attended. This example demonstrates the need for contingency planning and the benefits of a cohesive communication plan.

We have developed a multipronged approach to drive attendees and have costings for different options along with an indication as to which are the most successful. We are also mindful of ensuring GDPR is complied with so that all the effort involved in running an event is not minimised by the potential of negative PR.

If you would like some guidance in setting up an event, please get in touch.

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