Vectorise offers business coaching to start-ups, micro and high growth businesses and public sector organisations offering business advice and mentoring.

Businesses we have supported include:

  • Technology businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Financial services
  • Consultancy businesses

We understand the challenges that business owners face in growing their companies.

Working together, we can help you to come up with a practical strategy to turn your ideas into a reality and drive your business forward – in the right direction.

We understand the challenges that business owners face in growing their companies.

Working together, we can help you to come up with a practical strategy to turn your ideas into a reality and drive your business forward – in the right direction.

Meet Your Coach

Hannah Quirke

Our coaching is delivered by Hannah Quirke, founder of vectorise, who specialises in working with innovators and creative businesses.

As a coach, Hannah’s approach is both motivational and realistic. She will work together with you to come up with a practical strategy which will give you a boost and propel your business forward.

Michael Taylor, Project Manager for the SPEED Project wrote “Hannah is an incredibly reliable consultant and I have only ever heard positive feedback from both the project team and our beneficiaries, thank you.”

Hannah has delivered 500+ business assists through a variety of business support contracts and has a proven track record of helping businesses to succeed. 

She currently delivers on projects through Worcestershire Council and Business Ready for the University of Warwick Science Park.

Hannah also delivers coaching privately to business owners who want expert support with a marketing specialism to grow their business.

Business Sectors Supported

Technology – Hannah’s SME career began when she headed up a web development company for six years, where she worked with online innovators to put their business ideas into practice. Out of the 250 businesses Hannah supported through Speed and Enterprise Action, 35% either had a technology-based interest, were businesses with a technology bias, or wanted to introduce new processes.

Manufacturers – Hannah has worked with small scale manufacturers such as a lighting specialist whose clients have included the Shard and boutique hotels and an agricultural equipment business.

Consultancy businesses – the diverse range of consultancy businesses Hannah has worked with include a wellbeing consultant developing an offering for the workplace and an environmental consultancy creating an online offering to support their retained clients.

Financial Services – Over the years, Hannah has worked with many firms in the Financial Advisory community. She understands the journey and marketing challenges along the way for this type of business and can work with you to support your firm through your journey.

The Process

The coaching process involves taking a diagnostic approach to understand the vision for the business, and how this can be measured through objectives, the steps involved, and timings. Business owners will be challenged to ensure the goals are realistic, and they have the resource to deliver. We will then identify key barriers and risks. This process involves creating a gap analysis of where they are and where they want to be.

In addition to the challenges the high growth company knows they face, there may be insights they are unaware of which could help them. By building mutual respect, we can hopefully support them with these.

Hannah’s role involves being a critical friend, to help them catapult their business to success, which may involve asking some tough questions or challenging assumptions, decisions and behaviours.

The scoping process involves what priorities are to be covered and then the next step involves looking at how these will be delivered, including the hours, timescale and duration. The pace and schedule of the interventions will be agreed at the start, along with who should be at each meeting. Scoping involves ascertaining who is doing what and their capacity, to propose workable actions. Deciding who is involved in the meetings early on is important to ensure their availability.

"Hannah has been an exceedingly encouraging and perceptive mentor on my start-up programme, helping me to explore new directions whilst staying true to my ultimate goals. She is approachable and easy to communicate with, has bags of creative imagination and works very hard to achieve the best possible outcomes."

Katherine Dixson
Way Beyond Words

The Results

One client we worked with on the Business Ready programme needed a new strategy to grow.

They received 14 hours of coaching, where we worked with the business owners and key members of their team to create a 12-month plan.

We consolidated the ideas generated in our meetings into the 12-month plan and discussed the resources required to implement them, and where to find them. The company is now implementing the plan, and they recruited two employees to deliver online demonstrations.

Here’s what they said about the Business Ready intervention:

“Around 18 months ago we were aiming for a very broad market, but we switched the strategy to go for a more targeted approach because it made more commercial sense. Business Ready has helped us develop the infrastructure to grow in a way that corresponds to our vision. They have provided us with marketing support and guidance on tailoring our business to the types of clients we want to attract.”

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