vectorise works with individuals to support them in the following areas to maximise their performance and the results for the organisation:

Presentations – Hannah works with business owners wanting to create highly visual presentations to support the content they want to deliver.

Public speaking – Hannah has experience constructing and delivering as an expert public speaker. Body language, tone of voice and engaging manner, research shows, are as important as the content. Speaking can feel quite a lonely process which is why engaging with the audience is critical. We also have techniques to overcome nerves.

Coaching – working with business owners when practising their presentation to ensure they deliver engaging content and also where the content needs contextualising to make more sense.

Lecturing – In an academic or CPD setting, conveying knowledge and ideas is key. The same communication principals apply. However, the audience expectations and the required tone can be different. Hannah is a Fellow of the CMI and heads up the delivery of the CMI Diploma Level 5, both to work-based learners and to CU Coventry’s management staff.

Critiquing – Hannah acts as a critical friend looking at where there is scope for misunderstandings and opportunities to improve in both the content and the delivery.

Training – Hannah is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and headed up the development of a Work-based Leadership and Management Top-Up degree. Therefore, she has a background in work-based training design and can support organisations looking to deliver training to grow their business, to maximise the impact and facilitate participants in doing what you want them to do next.

Please get in touch if you would like some support for the services list above.

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