A key part of vectorise’s approach working with high growth SMEs on their marketing is the role of personal branding and using individuals within the team for knowledge-based marketing to grow the business.

Considerations when preparing a lecture/pitch/training session can include:

  • Walk your audience’s journey – identifying objectives and creating audience-centric content
  • Using creativity to create impact and how to use storytelling to develop rapport.  We’ll look at different presentation styles and how to adapt your style to work with the audience
  • Owning the room – a simple technique to feel your best when presenting
  • Takeaways – as a result of your presentation, how should your audience feel and what should they do next? Preparing for the outcome you want
  • Let the conversation begin – negotiation, completion and conversation. The final part of the session involves understanding and practicing the steps in the sales process to improve the outcome

Following on from this process, business owners have given feedback in that they feel more confident in approaching the preparation state. They understand how to use creativity and storytelling in their pitch, and can fine-tune their delivery style to build rapport. They will be able to read the room and adapt the delivery style to gain better results.

In summary, they have a delivered a strong performance through the pitching, negotiation and closing stages to secure results.

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