Understanding the role a brand plays in making decisions and building loyalty is critical when it comes to informing brand choices.

One important consideration for new brands, especially innovators, is that they are launching something no one is looking for, through a brand that is not known. This factor makes it extremely challenging in terms of trust and encouraging people to try it. With both product innovators and knowledge-based offerings, penetrating the market through known and trusted brands can be a more effective way to reduce resistance. The use of a strong personal brand, which may be the company founder or a known endorser, can be helpful.

Small owner-managed businesses have two brands: the first being their business and the second being themselves. Nurturing and developing both helps open doors for future opportunities.

vectorise uses several brand-building models, with our preference being Keller’s CBBE model, which uses a simple process of building blocks and considers the consumer response to the messages before achieving loyalty. It also focuses on the brand’s imagery alongside their performance to ensure the story stacks up and that the brand is aligned with its target market. It can be used to review an existing brand or to create a new one.


We also consider future branding options for launching new offerings and where they should sit: with the existing brand, or would a new brand be more appropriate? We can also, if relevant, look at brand extensions and how to maximise their chance of success.

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